Sunday, August 30

cupcake wonderland.

i know you're not the biggest fan of these guys...

but look at them...all in a row in the box in happy colors and designs just waiting to be gobbled up. they're not so bad...and unlike big cakes, noble and large, these guys are cute because they're little.

many thanks to the cute-and-little friend who surprised us with these perfectly pretty c-cakes!

Saturday, August 29

cloud cover.

the beauty of this one has to be in its perfect installation.
it's right where it should be.

Friday, August 28


this is by far one of my favorites in the sculpture park.

i'm so drawn to it.

perhaps it's all the reflective surfaces.

or maybe it's because Perre's Ventaglio III
"reveals no trace of the artist's hand or process,
but possesses the sleek appearance of a manufactured object."

Thursday, August 27

que serra serra.

i've always been a fan of richard serra...since the first time i was introduced by an art-loving and adventurous friend to some of his work in a cavernous basementlike gallery at the dia museum in beacon. i so rarely venture on something other than the new haven line, but it was a truly memorable and easy daytrip from manhattan on board metro north.

the olympic sculpture park is part of the seattle art museum and has been a beautiful addition to the city in an otherwise not-so-pretty and unused parcel of waterfront property. they've really spiffed up the place!

walking between the paths made by these wavy massive pieces of steel makes you feel small, and maybe even held captive, but in a good way.

Wednesday, August 26

Tuesday, August 25

Monday, August 24


this is in fremont, aka "the center of the universe."

the statue was originally discovered in slovakia,
has an interesting story of how it got to seattle
and is for sale.

Saturday, August 22

on your way...

something tells me that this will soon be you...flying over the country.

soon, very soon.

Thursday, August 20

old blue.

what i wouldn't give for a nice old pickup...

after a hard day's work, i, too, would park it by the sea.

Wednesday, August 19

these are a few of your favorite things...

there is no doubt in my mind that you would very much enjoy the sunday market in the neighborhood of ballard.

there were so many free tastes of delicious cheeses and the (unfortunately not pictured) peaches, oh the peaches right now! mmmm....slurp!

Tuesday, August 18

the struggle.

observing mature chinook salmon fight their way up the fish ladder and against what appeared to be a pretty intense current was remarkable.

especially since we learned that one in one thousand make it back to fresh water, after a three-year lifespan at sea, to spawn and then die.

i was rooting them on. go, go, go!

Monday, August 17

the rainbow of protection.

water is sprayed on near the gates of the ballard locks to prevent birds from eating the smolts traveling from the fresh water to live their adult water in the salt water of puget sound. by the way, smolts are young salmon.

Wednesday, August 12

bit of chewy.

hidden in a dark alley, where it rightly belongs, the gum wall has recently been listed as one the world's top five germiest tourist attractions (maybe second only to the blarney stone).

so nasty. yet so mesmerizing. yesterday, i took a surprise out-of-towner to this famed must-see seattle spot.

and no, we did not add anything to the "art."

Saturday, August 8


seems like these little guys are popping up everywhere...

"you talkin' to me?"

yeah, you, i say, as i walk on my way (to work!) startled that this guy was sliding along in the bustling metropolis through corporate ivy and onto cool, slick marble.

"aw, man, i'm just a little snail trying to make it in the big city. peace."