Monday, December 28

The Path

Some days it seems so clear.

Sunday, December 27

Snow Day

This is way overdue- we got hit with about a foot a week ago. And I was almost as delighted as this little one.

Friday, December 25

Thursday, December 24

Wednesday, December 23

Saturday, December 19

Tuesday, December 15

on the third night of chanuka... true love gave to me: a plate full of latkes!

here's how it started...last one in is a rotten latke!

happy latkes in the frying pan!

yummy latke about to go in my mouth!

Sunday, December 13

what dreams are made of...

in honor of a shared love, and in honor of the topic's current holiday significance...i present the following post:

you've seen hot dog stands, popcorn, ice cream, cotton!

now that i know this exists, i can sleep easier. just knowing there is a freestanding mini donut kiosk truly brightens my day...and the world.

so what if it's only there during the holidays...we can dream about it the rest of the year.

Saturday, December 12

A Walk on the West Side (Highway)

It's hard to believe here sometimes, but nature is alive and well.


it has been "unseasonably" cold here in the pacific northwest. people (and plants) sure aren't used to such bitter temps.

the funny part is, it hasn't been much under 20 degrees, if at all.

Friday, December 11


chanuka, the festival of lights, begins tonight!

oh chanuka, oh chanuka, come light the menorah,
let's have a party, we'll all dance the hora!

Thursday, December 10

lite brite.

i certainly loved poking those little plastic "bulbs" through that thick black paper. it was perhaps one of my all-time favorite toys.

after returning from the east coast from thanksgiving with the fam, i was greeted by and treated to this new bright (and very straight), festive display.

i have learned that despite all the newfangled stringed light options out there, c9 is the way to go. tried and true.

Wednesday, December 9