Monday, March 29

jewish soul food.

i made my first pot of chicken stock...for matzo ball soup to be served at the seder tonight. it was a delicious-smelling process and called for things i've never cooked with before: rutabaga, turnips, kohlrabi...

chag sameach! happy passover! happy spring!

Sunday, March 28


these guys are popping up all over the place along the damp trails of schmitz park...

Saturday, March 27


one day it's there

and the next day it's gone.

with luck, love and light...there's new grass to come!

Friday, March 26

da da da dat's...

..where the party may or may not have been at.

Monday, March 8

taking off.

good luck today!
i know you'll soar.

Sunday, March 7


guess it's no big deal for the city of san diego to have hundreds of birds of paradise planted roadside...

Saturday, March 6

out the bus window...

even though it's saturday, i thought i'd share some images from an early morning weekday ride. these are in honor of your upcoming return to commutation. it doesn't have to be all that bad.

Friday, March 5

san diego bay.

swirly sky surrounds stationary sailboats in san diego slip.

Wednesday, March 3


waking up early doesn't get any easier for me. one would think that after many times of practicing it, i'd get better, perhaps make some improvements. alas, some days it even feels harder than it used to.

the only things that keep me doing it are typically (not in order of importance): obligation, exercise, possible payoffs.

this was the latter of the three. lines cutting across the morning sky are nice to look at. there certainly are a lot of electrical cables in the sky here, though...