Friday, February 27


I've never found the Williamsburg/Greenpoint area one of Brooklyn's more attractive neighborhoods. But there are some interesting sights- you just have to look a lot harder for them.

Thursday, February 26


didn't see that one coming...but glad it did. what a pretty morning.

Wednesday, February 25

Wild West 55th St.

I was over on 55th and 12th Ave. the other day (don't ask), wondering if I had somehow wandered all the way to New Jersey.

It's so amazingly deserted that far west- even (technically) in Midtown, you can all of a sudden find yourself the only person on a block in the middle of the day. I love those moments.

Monday, February 23

Winter Park

I just couldn't stop taking pictures on a recent walk in Central Park. It struck me, as the buildings, people and noise faded, how gorgeous the trees are without all the color and texture of their expected leaves and flowers.

It's like the difference between a designer-clad woman and a nude one. Both can be considered beautiful, but there's something about the bare, unadorned structure that I find infinitely more stunning.

Saturday, February 21

do not try this at home.

didn't you know? i'm a trained photography stunt professional. i took these in traffic, on I-5, looking over my left shoulder, out the window, with the radio on.

sorry, i couldn't resist.

Friday, February 20

The Best Gift of All

Is sometimes the one you make yourself, constantly, but given (and made) by someone else.


can believe our public library is this cool looking?

me neither. i guess it helps that the architect's name is, get this, rem koolhaus.

ps: it's just as rad on the inside.

Thursday, February 19

More Favorite

And my favorite time of day.

symphonic squiggle.

on tuesday evening i enjoyed listening to some traditional irish music at benaroya hall.

sometimes glass art kind of bores me, but sometimes it amazes me. and in seattle, there are practically chihulys everywhere you turn. but i took a moment to observe this chandelier of organic-looking shapes from the i typically only view it from the outside. i was glad dale decided to not introduce tons of color. the mix of milky opacity and clear translucence works well here.

Wednesday, February 18

Plat du Garbage

I seem to find myself eating these with increasingly frequency.

Of course, it's nowhere near the meat-laden original, but it's so messy and delicious.

Tuesday, February 17

pensive gull.

Chocofade, Delancey St.

I don't know how I've never noticed this building before, but now I love it.

Monday, February 16

My Favorite Color

It's not hard to find here, even among all the drab grays and brick reds. I spotted this lovely little combo on Essex St. the other day.

Sunday, February 15

Saturday, February 14

Friday, February 13

i am gull, and i am outta here.

Water Tower, Dumbo

I think water towers will be to New York like ancient Greek columns in Greece- thousands of years from now, when anthropologists and tourists paw through the wreckage, they'll stand out as emblems, icons.

Thursday, February 12

seattle stonehenge?

when i wait for the number 11 bus in the morning, i pass by this ostensibly abandoned, and for the area, seemingly out-of-place house. how the lot hasn't been gobbled up by developers eager to build a set of narrow townhomes is beyond me.

the lawn is often overgrown but i think some of the neighbors ban together and mow it to tone down the "eyesore." the curious thing about the property, however, is the ring of stones in the front lawn. many a morning i ponder about those...their purpose, their mystery.

(in other neighborhood news, despite a few weeks, snow, rain and wind...the doll is still there.)

Late Night Call

Wednesday, February 11


This doesn't do it any justice, really. The eye is so, so much more sophisticated than the lens. (Even one as myopic as mine.)

Tuesday, February 10

bit of yummy.

i painstakingly whipped up a batch of r.k.t.s last night.

Shine, 9th Ave. and 54th St.