Tuesday, September 30

lincoln tunnel.

looking into lower manhattan...the view from new jersey, on an otherwise rainy day.


Monday, September 29

Behind and Ahead

Some things are beyond words.

for the love of the game.

i'm always impressed by groups of people coming together en masse to do something, hear something, make something or watch something. on sunday i was one of many in a sea of jets fans cheering them on. the throngs of delighted spectators thinking of nothing else but the game being played before them is what i love about sports. they can distract and excite and entertain.
they can also inspire.
while it is one of the most troublesome aspects of an admittedly violent game, and while this occurred immediately after the most worrisome part of this game, it was inspiring and beautiful. after a wide receiver was hit in a helmet-to-helmet collision and surrounded by medics and teammates, his entire body unmoving, the stadium fell silent and the players of both teams came together and began to pray.

Sunday, September 28

shea goodbye.

on saturday i said goodbye to an old friend. anyone who knows me well knows how i feel about shea stadium..."it's a dump. but it's my dump." well, my dump is about to be torn down. so i decided to pay it one last visit. the game i went to turned out to be a pitching gem, despite the threating rain. it also ended up as the mets last victory, ever, at shea.
many childhood--as well--as adulthood memories were had at that stadium, and while it could never be described as beautiful, i think the collective effervescence of its fans was something to behold.

Saturday, September 27

Red Door, Boerum Hill

You see so many doors every day, but there is little reason to open most of them. I half expected to suddenly be looking down the barrel of something when I leaned in over the iron fence to get a closer look.

Friday, September 26


fall comes a little earlier in the northwest than in the northeast. perhaps because of our overall milder seasons.
on sunday i noticed that this entire tree had its change on...

Dusk Stroll, West Village

The colors only last for a minute or two, but that just makes them all the more beautiful.

Thursday, September 25

The Softer Side of the Salvation Army

I went to the local Salvation Army with my sister the other day, who is an avowed addict.

While she was browsing for shirts, I noticed green at the windows at the back of the cavernous old building. I couldn't believe I'd never noticed before how gorgeously unkept all the plants were out back.

The longer you live here, the more you appreciate unexpected green.

Wednesday, September 24

Early To Rise

As I was lying in bed listening to the radio this morning at 6:45, my favorite DJ commented how often, the most successful people are those who have a habit of waking up the earliest.

Of course, he was attempting to cajole donations for the station's semiannual fundraising, so I can understand the attempt at flattery.

I think he meant you need to be actually out of bed and doing stuff, though, not just taking pictures of your cat. I'm up early, but I don't seem to be in any danger of retiring too soon.

Tuesday, September 23

Skyblue Pink

That's the only name for the color of the sky the other night at dusk. It's been such a lovely fall here.

Monday, September 22


i'm not sure exactly what those colorful pieces of plastic were, but i'm pretty sure she must have made them herself and fashioned them into this up-do. she was waiting for the bus at the same stop as me. and i couldn't help but wonder where she was headed...

Autumn Light

The morning light does funny things here at the beginning of fall. In my kitchen, for about a week or so, there's an amazing streak of sun that comes in for only 15 minutes around 9 a.m.

I captured this ephemeral moment while making my last cup of Pi Lo Chun tea the other day. There's very little direct sunlight in my kitchen the rest of the year, so it's particularly noticeable when it illuminates everything for those few minutes.

Friday, September 19

Summer Weddings, Pt. 2

Here are some others from another wedding, a few months ago, also up in Massachusetts.

Thursday, September 18

Summer Weddings

These were all found while strolling around the home where the wedding was held. The bride and groom were very fortunate to have such a warm and dry day, in Massachusetts in September.

The gardens' inhabitants put my miniature pumpkins and watermelons to shame (and all the flowers for the ceremony and table decorations- gorgeous zinnias and dahlias- were grown right in the backyard).

Wednesday, September 17


i recently attended a bbq on a houseboat. all were invited to arrive in time for the sunset.
i'm not sure when it was built, but its occupant's father purchased the thing in the 70s for something outlandish, like what some of us pay for a few month's rent today. i'm glad it has remained in their family. it ain't old like east-coast old, but it's northwest appeal is distinct, that's for sure.


This fireplace is from a house that was built in 1732, which is where I was for a wedding last weekend.

Weddings are great and all, but I had more fun exploring the warren of so-New-Englandy-it-hurts rooms and gardens after the ceremony, and before dinner started. More pictures to come.

Tuesday, September 16

Night and Day

Out my bedroom window, again. The clouds and light last night and this morning were just so stunning I couldn't resist.

Monday, September 15

Vegetables of My Labor

It may seem a small accomplishment, but I've never successfully grown something significant before. Plenty of houseplants, herbs from seeds, even some flowers- but never something big enough to make a meal out of.

That's all changed now. This succulent little watermelon (it should probably be about 10 pounds heavier, but when your farming method entails kicking some free seeds you got for Earth Day into completely untended dirt in your parents' backyard, you really can't complain) and sugar baby pumpkin were grown BY ME.

I'm ridiculously proud of them.

I know there was probably a bit of tending going on, thanks to my parents, but I haven't seen anything so beautiful as that watermelon, when I first cut into it, in a long time.

And it tastes even better than it looks.

Sunday, September 14


i just received a most beautiful gift. jewelry is such a personal thing and it says so much about one's taste. that's why i was, but i really shouldn't be, surprised that this was such a perfect fit.
thank you. i love it.

Morning Glory

My mother has quite a way with plants. Ever since I can remember, she's grown morning glories from seed, and by the beginning of fall, they've completely taken over the back porch.

The porch faces east, so as the sun rises, the blossoms quickly unfurl. By the time I'm up, they've exploded all over the railings and even into the cracks and hillside below.

Thursday, September 11

Pitter Patter

These belong to one of the most beautiful little creatures I've still ever seen.

Wednesday, September 10

Not a Touch

They're not evil, they're just leaves from a coleus.

And one of my favorite plants, actually.

Tuesday, September 9

the state of washington.

there are parts you just have to see to believe.

Monday, September 8


why don't they paint cars this color anymore?
taking on a road trip in one of these would certainly be interesting. i'm sure one would turn a lot of heads.
i was always advised not to buy a ford, as in the old days they tended to be a little problematic, leading to the backronym for f.o.r.d., fix or repair daily.

Sunday, September 7

evil leaves.

something about the color of the leaves of this plant spell e.v.i.l. for me. but not in a bad way. in fact, i really like them.

i intended to take their picture just yesterday, but either got lazy or forgot to. after seeing your magenta bouquet from saturday, i was compelled to reply with what immediately came to mind.