Wednesday, November 25


hope one of these is in your (very near) future.

HaPpy ThAnKsGivIng!!!

Tuesday, November 24


While doing a little art-theory research (I'm without much formal training, as is apparent), I came across this quote about complementary colors:

Complementary colors make a strange pair. They are opposite, yet they require each other. They incite each other to maximum vividness when together; and annihilate each other when mixed. — Johannes Itten

I have no idea who Mr. Itten is, but I love his words.

Monday, November 23

Saturday, November 21

Thursday, November 19

Don't Be

the noonday sun.

sticks (bare branches) and stones (concrete and bricks) of a different nature.

Wednesday, November 18


tree haus.

this little hideaway is on my new corner. i might have to investigate a little closer next time.

Saturday, November 14

Thursday, November 5

a not-so-quiet riot.

in my new neighborhood, i have a new favorite tree.

mostly because it's sporting my favorite color.

but it's got a nice round shape, too.

notice the dead (hanging halloweeny ghost in tree)
and the undead (pigeons perched on rooftop).