Tuesday, March 31

feelin' kinda crabby.

i was never a big fan of "ocean spiders," that term being particularly disconcerting...

...and then i met alaskan king crab legs. these were straight from the honest-to-god, deadliest catch fisherman. delicious.

Oh, What a Night, or Still Life With Beer

Monday, March 30


I usually don't give dogs much credit for intelligence- then I spot something like this, and I wonder if I've been wrong all this time.

Saturday, March 28

Friday, March 27

spring surprise!

sometimes when your breath is taken away...you don't need it back. well, not right away.

Follow It

Thursday, March 26


hey! remember me?

Everything But

I've never noticed this view until today, when I happened to put the camera down while it was still on.

Wednesday, March 25

Green and Brown

The low light when I took this counter top still life yesterday afternoon made the photo a bit blurry. But I liked how that makes looks like a painting (at least to me).

hats off.

there they were. just patiently waiting on the shelves.
perhaps some guys would come along and try some on for laughs.
maybe one will be carefully selected to grace the pew this easter.
it's possible some will get swiped up for a high school production of my fair lady...

Tuesday, March 24

they called him "ol' crazy arms."

i don't know why...

but i can't get enough of these guys.

Wednesday, March 18

after 146 years, newspaper folds.

today, for the first time in many years, the p-i box is empty...and will stay that way.

farewell seattle post-intelligencer.

Tuesday, March 17

Thursday, March 12

Zag, 6th St.

Walking around the city this week, I've been struck with the shape of fire escapes on so many of the older (that is, most of them) apartment buildings. It's all Z's, and the lines are so stark and beautiful.

part 3 -- knobby.

Wednesday, March 11

the real restoration hardware, part 2.

the lighting, and the lighting fixtures, looked all burlesque and brothel-y to me when all clumped together on the wall like this.

could it be because these kind of fixtures have a tendency to remind people, admittedly myself included, of a certain kind of gland?

Tuesday, March 10

the real restoration hardware.

on saturday, the new girl in town pointed us to a special place deep in south seattle. there we found a treasury of salvaged home furnishings on sale for reuse, and all sorts of fun stuff.

i'll show you some more tomorrow.


The sun hasn't made an appearance here in three days, but it feels like weeks.

How do you do it out there?

Saturday, March 7

Good Neighbors, 14th St.

sleeping in.

as appealing as the poring-in sunlight may be...
when circumstances allow, my comfy bed usually wins.

Friday, March 6

Artichoke Slice

It's too gorgeous for just one picture.

This pizza place, way way east on 14th St., opened up early last year and I have to say, it's consistently proved itself worth all the hype. The namesake slice is like spinach-artichoke dip baked onto a chewy, crispy crust. It's not a traditional slice by any means, but it is killer.

you can have your cake, and decorate it too!

thanks to some recently newly wed friends, i had the opportunity to give adorning a wedding cake with flowers a try. always a first time for everything!

Thursday, March 5

market after dark.

In Bloom

Callalilies are such sculptural flowers. I love them.

Wednesday, March 4

flower shop walk-by.

i miss working with flowers...

lucky for me, i get to walk by this lovely shop and peer at their offerings, inside and out, every day...as it's conveniently located right on the corner where i step off the bus.

here's a little of your favourite colour. (not sure why i decided to spell in a british way, maybe just for fun. cheerio!)

I Want to Ride My

OK, so it wasn't even mine. But it had a nice shadow.

Monday, March 2

mung on me tongue.

it may not be much to look at, but it sure was delicious. the line at the cafeteria-style lunchspot serving pakistani/indian fare usually stretches out the door. but, lucky for me i was a little early, so i made it inside. (then the line grew behind me...i love it when that happens.)

today's special, which at $3.99 really can't be beat, was a mung bean curry. and i was told by the fellow dishing it up, "the special is always vegan!"

Diner Breakfast

I don't like poached eggs (or any style in which the yolk and white aren't mixed), but I have to admit they're quite visually appealing.