Saturday, January 31

Friday, January 30


hey doll.

hmmm....what's this i see? wait, what is that?

why...why, it's an abandoned doll? who could've left such a hottie behind?

i mean, check out those boots, that mini, that jacket, the hair. she's smokin'!

Wednesday, January 28

Late Lunch, West Village

Near your lovely old stomping grounds. And I actually didn't get lost this trip- it was far too cold for any of that nonsense.

Tuesday, January 27

Son of Snew

Some more is allegedly on the way tomorrow. If it's going to be this cold, there might as well be something pretty to look at.

renegade red.

amid all this green i've been capturing as of late, these little leaves seemed to burst with redness.

Sunday, January 25

More to the Point

pointy practice.

i'm workin' the macro...or at least trying.

Saturday, January 24


i like mosiacs, and i like these letters.

figured you would, too.


I love it.

Friday, January 23

you did it!

i guess you were kinda close. here's the big reveal:

i liked the peeling green paint...

Why Get Up?

Thursday, January 22

guess again.

Sky Slice

From a recent morning walk in Dumbo.

Wednesday, January 21

this ol' game.

perhaps this one is slightly more challenging. if you can't guess, i'll send another slightly larger (and by that i mean, more of the object will be visible) image...

Warm Brick

I have to take the few spots I can find on these cold days.

Tuesday, January 20

the corner of streetlight & mountain.

on clear days, i'm always struck when i reach this point at the corner of madison and john streets. i'm usually in my car, or someone else's vehicle. on saturday, the sun was out. so, i went for a nice, long walk. and was able to appreciate the scene at this corner for longer than just the wait at the light.

although crude technology and not exactly new, it's funny for those stoplights to stand there on that hill perpetually changing with the visibly technologyless mountains not too far off.

Hide and Go Beak

Sparrows aren't appreciated enough. But just look how they wear brown, black and gray so seamlessly- very smart. And oh so camouflagible.

Monday, January 19


Lost clothes always get me a little sad. Yes, yes, they're just inanimate objects, but they have an intimacy a lot of other stuff lacks- maybe from all that skin contact. Think about it, clothing is on you more often than even the most devoted lover. (OK, I just wanted to use that word.)

This little one looked handknit, too, and I know how much of a pain in the ass that is. Poor mitten.

Sunday, January 18

Every Day Is Like

Days like this remind me of Rochester so much: numb fingers and toes; snow squeaking underfoot; dull, gray light; and that sinking Sunday feeling.

I remember Sundays as the time for desperately running around campus, chasing the weak light, trying to take three rolls of film for Monday morning's photo class. I usually put off the assignments every week because it was always so cold outside- maybe tomorrow will be warmer, I'd think to myself. It never was.

I've learned a little bit since I was 17, though. I can see the beauty in these days now, even if I still taste that Sunday feeling.

Thursday, January 15

a rare sighting.

the sun has been quite elusive lately.

i was happy to meet it yesterday morning...just to say a quick hello.

Tuesday, January 13

Monday, January 12

Close-Up 2

Is this one too hard?

Sunday, January 11


remember that game, i believe it was in games magazine, in which you were provided with a photograph of an object and you had to guess what it was? the reason it was somewhat difficult was because it was always a very close detail.

i don't think this pic is particularly challenging...especially if you are familiar with mexican hatwear...but it gave me an idea for future "bits."

Wednesday, January 7

Brother, Can You Spare a Dime

These were tucked away in a remote corner of the Public Library.

I was surprised they're still there. The lighting was truly terrible, but they had such a pleasant, warm, worn-wood look about them. Cell phones are just inherently forgettable and disposable in comparison.

Tuesday, January 6


I love winter vegetation; it takes a much more careful and quiet eye to appreciate it as opposed to summer's in-your-face greenery.

Monday, January 5


I found this flexible little beast and his brother entwined on a door of the Public Library today.

Snakes are cute. As someone once put it, they're like ropes with little faces.

Sunday, January 4


These are from my recent holiday trip home. Growing up, I took the landscape for granted; now that I've lived away from it for over a decade, I am struck by its subtle beauty every time I go back.