Wednesday, September 30

yesterday's watermelon.

this melon has probably already been eaten...or ignored and left to rot.

watermelon is such a summery fruit...and i'll miss it. even though it's pink.

i have a hard time saying goodbye to summer, especially such a delightful one. i can only hope for an equally kickass (if not more so) fall...filled with delicious seasonal, autumnal fruits and veg of its own.

Tuesday, September 29

morning light.

the morning light is changing. when it starts, when it ends, how much of it there is. i am not looking forward to the earlier afternoon darkness. but, if i can enjoy some crisp, fall moments, i suppose i'll muddle through.

if not, maybe i'll hotwire this hot little orange mobile...

Tuesday, September 22

Thursday, September 17

Moon Rise, Lake Washington, Seattle

The beginning of a beautiful, beautiful weekend.

great crates.

with crates like these, moving would be easy!
and a retro kind of way.

Wednesday, September 16

Friday, September 11

mill creek.

places of relaxation are everywhere in washington.

(this happens to have been at the cabin right over the border in oregon last weekend, but that's neither here nor there...)

Thursday, September 10

For a Few Days, Farewell

Try not to miss me too much, dear city.

Tuesday, September 1

les fleurs exotiques.

this arrangements takes my breath away. cymbidium, calas, coxscomb, spray orchids, protea...all in one elegant vase.

i'm a lucky girl. makes my otherwise not-so-thrilling office space quite a bit more exotic and enticing.

thanks to an "old" friend who knows how much i adore fresh blooms and the art of arrangement.