Friday, July 31

Late Morning, FDR Drive

This was a direct result of being on a subway that had to go backwards, returning me to Brooklyn and making it a bit difficult to get into the city for work.

It was a gorgeous day, though.


as if having a bite at the foot a huge lionface poster wasn't cool enough...

camden market, london

Thursday, July 30


it has been hot. so hot. so very hot here. hot. hot. hot. (not in the buster poindexter way.)

it makes me want to find a nice, dark, cool place. these caves could work perfectly. oh, that's right, they're in ireland. oh well.

a few cool drips plopped on my head every now again when i walked through the caves. gross at the time, welcomed now.

marble arch caves, county cavan

Wednesday, July 29

Erase Clouds, Smith St.

From an early Saturday morning in Brooklyn. I love how quiet it is then.

happy rockin' birthday!

Monday, July 27

there's room (but not much) at the top.

a view from the observation deck of the well-touristed space needle.

Wednesday, July 22

Tuesday, July 21

bit of damage.

before you even know what's happening, it's over. some gd pebble flies onto your windshield, causing a painful star-shaped crack.

i'm not sure why i'm choosing to document this. it still angers me. a lot. one less-than-split second later, or a different lane, or traveling one mpg faster or slower, and who knows? pebble averted perhaps.

of course i can put it in perspective, but sometimes the annoyance of contacting insurance agents, dealing with autoglass repair people and just plain missing your undamaged windshield can be a real drag.


Saturday, July 18

one of my favorite spots.

the small town of kenmare was a delightful highlight of our trip. i only wish we had had a little bit more time here. as of late, it's become known among epicureans. we certainly ate well here.

kenmare, county kerry

Friday, July 17

where the wild things are.

this was my most cherished spot in ireland. i sat here for a while, in awe of the view.

the film version of where the wild things are comes out in october. and i can't wait. i think this is a place they'd definitely be.

the cavan way, blacklion

For One Week, The Best Sandwich in the World

Peanut butter. American cheese. Doritos garnish.

Yes, I know how disgusting it sounds. But until you're sitting on a porch in Kentucky on a June afternoon, please don't jump to any culinary conclusions.

Thursday, July 16

ye irish snail.

not sure how i spotted this guy...maybe i heard him calling out.

cliff walk, ardmore

The Entropy of Memories

Wednesday, July 15

in, down and out.

not only light, but music, too, flooded the halls of this church, at the heart of the city of dublin for almost a thousand years...

church of christ, dublin


These little butterflies were everywhere- and the insides of their wings (which I unfortunately couldn't get a good shot of) were the most delicate shade of lavender.

They made me think about what we all choose to keep outside, and what inside.

Tuesday, July 14


They seem a trite subject matter for photographs, but I don't care. They're amazing.

fleur fence.

enniskillen, county fermanagh

Monday, July 13

Wolfe County, Kentucky

These are some of the little gems from the hollow where I was. Nature seemed so much more powerful there than here in New York- it was revitalizing.

furry. fuzzy. friendly.

these guys kept making me want a new woolen sweater...i wonder why?

the cavan way, blacklion

Sunday, July 12

Saturday, July 11

origami orbs.

i couldn't get enough of these folded "lampshades." we didn't even eat or drink at the unassuming yet swanky bar/cafe where these were hanging. (one of us may have used a particular one of their facilities.)

the high street, enniskillen

Departure, 5:30 a.m.

Or why it's worth getting up at sunrise every day.

Friday, July 10

what's in a name?

here's another one of those elusive little light circles...and one of my favorite shots from the whole trip.

the cavan way, blacklion, county cavan

Everywhere Art

I don't think I've ever complimented her on this, but my mother makes the most precious, gorgeous little flower arrangements out of whatever's blooming in the yard, and tucks them into corners all over the house.

This one was in the kitchen; the little roses are from a rescued bush that she found abandoned at the edge of the road (it actually did fall off a truck), and the bowl is one my should-be-a-famous-ceramicist older sister made.

Thursday, July 9

does it have a name?

when the sunlight pours into a photograph, creating these colored circular shapes? whatever it's called, sometimes i'm lucky enough to capture one. happy accident, though, that's for sure.

church of christ, dublin

(One of My) Favorite Roads