Saturday, October 31

What Better Way to Celebrate?

A recent trip to Pennsylvania proved to have more than I bargained for.

What's this?

A familiar, warm, vibrant orange color?

It can't be.

Heaven's not supposed to exist on earth.

But it does.

Dearest H.B.: I, and a nation of Halloween-goers, salute you.

And we will crush anyone who says otherwise.

look out!


this sick, yet tasty cocktail was created by a mad scientist coworker. he calls it the "madeye martini." vodka, blue curacao, pineapple juice and garnish.

oh, said garnish? lychee, blueberry and jam...for the bloodshot effect.

hApPy HaLLoWeeN!!!

Friday, October 30

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Wednesday, October 21


Radishes. Butter. Salt.

All the fresh produce will be gone so soon, it screams to be savored immediately.

Tuesday, October 20


This lovely fellow is a spry 22 years old, if you can believe it.

Monday, October 19


It has been rather winterlike here lately, but is this really necessary?

They'd be bizarre-looking on a human, never mind on such a spacedog.

Sunday, October 18

Images From an Ashram

From awhile ago (this summer), but still soothing to look back through.

the fruits and veg of my labor.

a week ago today, i took about an hour dismantling something it took me only milliseconds to make each contribution to.

i don't know why i ever started doing this. i just know i am thankful for goo gone, so my landlord can't be mad at me, or worse, charge me for something whimsical.

it took me four and a half years to create the collection and now these pics are all that's left.

Friday, October 16

later days.

it's hard not to feel like a dock deserter....

but, much like these images were captured at dawn, i'm looking ahead.

Thursday, October 15

it's so hard... say goodbye to yesterday.

yes, i quoted boyz II men.
i guess sometimes '90s R&B groups just get it.

Saturday, October 10

Friday, October 9

el toro.

this noble creature has a secret...

well, not so secret...

(check out the blue, singular cajone.)

perhaps it's the extreme heat in tucson that makes people adorn their restaurants with such statuary.

Wednesday, October 7

In a Row

Do cranes count, or is it strictly ducks only?

Tuesday, October 6


mexican food = one of the best things on earth.

we stumbled upon this fast-food-like-but-so-much-better little spot in tucson a few days ago. while i'm not normally one for salad bars, fixins bars or any other type of d.i.y. bars--this one offered 8 varieties of salsa and was perfectly clean, maintained and well stocked.

all of the employees were so courteous...and the food was good too. yum.