Sunday, January 31

Thursday, January 28

Wednesday, January 27

Curry Still Life

It ended up a red lentil-cauliflower one, and quite delicious.

Yes, it's taken me a month to make it. That's why I haven't been posting.

Sunday, January 17

the littlest.

he's just a little a big world.

Saturday, January 16


we have a garage now. there's already a good amount of stuff in it. keeping it organized will be a fun challenge. consider these pics the "before" and stay tuned...

(not sure why, but there's still something slightly attractive about this garage chaos imagery. perhaps it's all the tension and potential...)

Thursday, January 14

new zealand.

and just one of the things that makes it easy to come back to.

the "new zealand"-inspired scrumptiousness that awaited.

Thursday, January 7

ferry xmas.

the bright beautiful sky on christmas day.

well, if you can't have a white one, i'll take a sunny one.

high hopes.

here's to a fulfilling 2010. let's aim the sky.

these lofty branches belong to the trees behind my new schmitz park, which happens to be home to the only old-growth trees within the city limits of seattle.

check out the one with the mini fern sprigs popping out. or the mossy, furry one.