Tuesday, January 20

the corner of streetlight & mountain.

on clear days, i'm always struck when i reach this point at the corner of madison and john streets. i'm usually in my car, or someone else's vehicle. on saturday, the sun was out. so, i went for a nice, long walk. and was able to appreciate the scene at this corner for longer than just the wait at the light.

although crude technology and not exactly new, it's funny for those stoplights to stand there on that hill perpetually changing with the visibly technologyless mountains not too far off.


ana dane said...

i hope you still obeyed the "walk" and "don't walk" signs.

wait, do they even have those there?

avra romanowitz said...

is that what you think? that we cross all willy-nilly here in the wild west?

well, you couldn't be more wrong. people here wait for the signal all the time! even in the dead of night when there isn't a headlight in sight.

it's ridic. and i think i might be doomed for one of these legendary jaywalking tickets i've heard tale of.