Thursday, February 12

seattle stonehenge?

when i wait for the number 11 bus in the morning, i pass by this ostensibly abandoned, and for the area, seemingly out-of-place house. how the lot hasn't been gobbled up by developers eager to build a set of narrow townhomes is beyond me.

the lawn is often overgrown but i think some of the neighbors ban together and mow it to tone down the "eyesore." the curious thing about the property, however, is the ring of stones in the front lawn. many a morning i ponder about those...their purpose, their mystery.

(in other neighborhood news, despite a few weeks, snow, rain and wind...the doll is still there.)


ana dane said...

all i can think of, for some reason, is the teeny tiny stonehenge from Spinal Tap.

this is almost as good, though.

say ciao to barbie for me.

avra romanowitz said...

just watched that a fortnight or so ago! 18" instead of 18'...classic.

avra romanowitz said...
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