Monday, March 2

mung on me tongue.

it may not be much to look at, but it sure was delicious. the line at the cafeteria-style lunchspot serving pakistani/indian fare usually stretches out the door. but, lucky for me i was a little early, so i made it inside. (then the line grew behind me...i love it when that happens.)

today's special, which at $3.99 really can't be beat, was a mung bean curry. and i was told by the fellow dishing it up, "the special is always vegan!"


Teep said...

my kingdom for some mali kofta! (not vegan but... OMFG want)

ana dane said...

screw veganism when things like malai kofta are ahead of you.

and which is better: line building behind you suddenly, or finishing things (like pens, shampoo, chapstick, etc)?

avra romanowitz said...

oooh! finishing things...defo!

ah, miss dane, you know me so well.

sometimes it's scary.