Wednesday, July 1


sometimes i'm in a bit of a rush when i snap my shots. such was the case when i snapped these dragons. (those flowers always make me think of the talking-flower trick your mom showed you and that you've shown me, countless times.)

anyway, i really wanted to capture these properly, but had to catch a bus...what else is new? so i abandoned the quest for the perfect shot.

upon selecting pictures to upload, i was disappointed to discover i had not one well-focused, crisp image of these snapdragons to share with you. but then upon closer investigation, i realized that while this is a bit of a fuzzy snap, something really interesting is going on in the left corner.

i also have come to realize over the year, that bit of beauty has the been one of the best gifts i've ever been given. i strive to take beautiful images, and maybe i've even come a little way since my first bob image (before i even knew what it was for!), but i've also recognized that it's not professional grade photography (on my end) that makes this so special for me. it's the sharing. the (almost) daily sharing of beautiful things.

i hope it continues for a long, long time.

happy anniversary, bit of beauty.


ana dane said...

ach! stop, before i become as shy as an unopenable snapdragon (you know the ones). i'm just so delighted that we've kept it up for a solid year- BoB is certainly as much of a gift to me.


here's to as many more years as it takes for us to be roommates again.

avra romanowitz said...

here, here!