Wednesday, December 10


people are always saying things like, "wow, the holidays really snuck up on me." for the most part, they're the same time every year, and there's no mistaking it when they're on the way, just look around, people.

i say, bring it on.

and does that mean that we are living in a void? a dearth of time-keeping devices such as calendars, computers, phones, etc.? if only that were true.


Teep said...

Those are my FAVORITE lights!!!

ana dane said...

well, i for one live in that void, having zero timepieces on me and only one barely functioning clock tucked into a corner at home. it's great!

i love this photo. where did you find these classics?

Teep said...

The pic is indeed great and makes for a sweet iPhone wallpaper ;-)

avra romanowitz said...

i'm glad you like it! feel free to check out more pics from picking out a tree day, my first time:
some of the lights were old and we bought a matching new strand at bartell's (the pnw version of duane reade, but nicer, so maybe cvs.)