Monday, December 8

sacred vs. profane

while typically a mundane task, riding to do ordinary weekend errands this saturday led to be far more enjoyable than imaginable. not only was the company divine, the skies put on a show.

as a one-time student of religion as well as anthropology, several modern social theory concepts have a tendency to pop into my brain, as they (albeit loosely, in the case of durkheim's dichotomy) relate to things i witness, encounter and observe.

once again, awe-inspiring blue behind bewildering cloud structures serve as a kinetic backdrop as man-made monotonous power lines provide grids and parallels. i agree--it's a pretty remarkable combo.


ana dane said...

what were the mundane errands? cloud catching? it seems like quite a lovely ride to me.

avra romanowitz said...

actually, going to costco for new up the scrip on my glasses. going blind!

ana dane said...

i hope you weren't driving, then.