Wednesday, April 22

Bluebelly Hill

I can't believe I forgot about this set of pictures from my recent visit up north.

There's a certain hillside in a neighboring town that absolutely erupts in vibrant bluebells each early spring. It's even more spectacular when you see them in person, because it's usually about 38 degrees out and the wind is blowing like stink.

The fact that they can grow- and come back- in such a harsh season is miraculous.

(And can you spot the hidden egret above?)


avra romanowitz said...

"blowing like stink"??

that's a new one.

and, yes! i see it! egret spotting is a favorite pastime of mine, you know.

ana dane said...

it's an old family saying.

you'd have to have grown up far north enough so the snow would pile on the INSIDE of the door frame to really appreciate it.