Saturday, April 25

a watery commute.

nothing beats commuting to work via water taxi, nothing. here are some of the sites i saw recently on a grey day crossing elliott bay.

why are tug boats so cute?

tankers are definitely less appealing, but those multicolored containers, now that's where it's at.

we passed some peaceful bronts on the way.

some were orange...

and some were white!

speaking of orange...i felt safe.

i have since taken the water taxi on two consecutive gloriously sunny april seattle days. this is rare. and i loved it. it wasn't even windy on the upper outside deck. i sat in my surprisingly comfortable (the crossing is only 12 minutes) plastic chair and read while this sun warmed the top of my head.


ana dane said...

i used to take the boat to work every day, years and years and years ago, when i lived in mass. one of the "sailors" always found it so funny that i'd sit outside till the bitter end (november, probably) for the 30 minute ride. but it's just so beautiful, and i'd been stuck in a stupid office all day.

on a related note, my sister and i had these amazing bathtub toys when we were little: chunky, floating oil rigs and offshore drilling platforms. how '70s is that?

avra romanowitz said...

where are those toys now? you know you wish you had them. floating, chunky bathtoys kinda make me want to get back into the habit...

ana dane said...

my mom GAVE THEM AWAY ten years ago to a family friend who had just had a baby.

i don't want to talk more about it. it's still too upsetting.