Friday, May 1

Sakura Maturi: A Trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

From dainty muscari and spring-sweet lilacs, to woodland blooms shy among leaves,

to those proud tulips of every imaginable color

my trip to the BBG the other day was so lovely. My first spring here (a decade ago), I went to the annual cherry blossom festival here with my mom, who somehow found out about it.

It's one of the few things I do every single year, even if she can't come visit and I go by myself. The flowers are good company, especially those sakuras. It's like walking through cloud after cloud of the essence of pink. And what better way to welcome May?


avra romanowitz said...

these are so pretty, i don't want to post and bump them down!! more from me soon...

Anonymous said...

The pansies little faces make me smile

Jessica said...

Such pretty cherry blossoms! The spring is already pretty much over here in SF, and though I did see some nice tree blooms, nothing quite like those. :) My mom just sent the links to your blogs. Hope you're enjoying the spring in the city!

Jessica Jenkins