Thursday, May 14

you'd be smiling, too...

...if you had miles and miles of empty stretches of beach to run around on.

the weekend was a restful one. long beach is a pretty impressive beach (it is actually, very long) and we did a lot of resting and eating and walking on the beach and board game playing and various other typical weekend away activities.

*this shot of scooter was taken by someone who is a superior photographer and with a much fancier camera.
**my camera is still currently being repaired and should be back in action by this weekend at the latest. (my apologies for the slowdown of posts...i'll be back soon!)


ana dane said...

dude, i was about to say- whoever fixed your camera did a damn good job, because it looks like an SLR now!

i want a beach weekend. sounds like much fun. was this a wild beach dog?

avra romanowitz said...

no, he came with our gang. his name is scooter. he is very nice and well behaved. this was his first time seeing the ocean. he was very excited.