Thursday, June 4

beam me up.

when you notice a flashy beam of light reaching into the sky that's not usually there, you immediately wonder what's the occasion?

and if you're like me, you hope it's something cooler than a certain local corporate tech giant publicizing the launch of their new search engine. oh well.


ana dane said...

does the world really need more encouragement to waste time in front of a computer? i don't think so.

i always imagine giant searchlights signal a 1930s era song and dance extravaganza a la "let's go to the movies," from annie.

avra romanowitz said...

a coworker told me she was startled by it, but then her boyfriend pointed out to her that it was coming from the ground up, not from above, and she felt calmed.

(i wish every movie started with that number.)

ana dane said...

whoa, from above, a la kodos and kang? i didn't even think of that possibility. i like it.