Saturday, June 20

on our way!


we spotted a northwest gastropod hanging out the other night. he took his sweet time scaling up the wall, but i, too, had major difficulty not getting a blurry pic of him.

so i used flash. sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

his slow journey represents mine today as we set overseas...(those flights always feel painfully epic. but it will be well worth it).

while i'm away bit of beauty will celebrate it's first birthday. hooray! so that i don't seem entirely off the radar, i've left you with images of the beauty right outside my apartment door. you'll have to wait and see...hope you don't get bored. you can be sure that i will return with plenty o' bits o' beauty! (o's are intentional and apropos, no?) hope you have a wonderful trip, too!

1 comment:

ana dane said...

i always thought snails were supposed to be like burritos.