Tuesday, July 1


It's the inaugural post here on BoB, and since this is a bit of a surprise, too, I'm writing about something my co-author sent me.

I asked her to go out and take a picture of something beautiful, and send it to me. This gorgeous armoire, which she recently scored through Craigslist, was sent back, and I agree- it is indeed beautiful. I'll let her give all the other sordid details about getting it home safely.

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avra romanowitz said...

(minus the obvious outlets and wires) i was looking/adoring my new/old armoire and thought of it as beautiful, or rather quite handsome. i had been wanting something for my living room for a long time, so that the tv can be visible when in use, but at other times not in plain view and therefore not the focus of the room. i found it on craigslist and with the gracious help of my friends (one with a handy truck), we went and picked it up and brought it home. it fit in the truck perfectly and though this thing is a beast, the pickup wasn't as bad as i had initially feared it might be.