Saturday, October 31

What Better Way to Celebrate?

A recent trip to Pennsylvania proved to have more than I bargained for.

What's this?

A familiar, warm, vibrant orange color?

It can't be.

Heaven's not supposed to exist on earth.

But it does.

Dearest H.B.: I, and a nation of Halloween-goers, salute you.

And we will crush anyone who says otherwise.


avra romanowitz said...

why so empty? did you go in?

i bet it smells good in there a cloud of sugary-peanutbuttery air outside as well?

(this is my new favorite post)

ana dane said...

check this out- you're not allowed in. the reese's factory doesn't give tours.

but i did squeeze a story out of a gift-shop employee down the road, who told me that she knew someone who knew someone who got one...along with WARM REESES STRAIGHT FROM THE LINE.

i'm still trying to recover, just from the very thought.

avra romanowitz said...

we have to get in there.