Monday, November 17

One of the Best Things Ever Invented

I had it last week.

Known as the nacho sandwich, the vegetarian special or the hot Indian sandwich, this was my lunch last Tuesday.

A friend of mine read about it and repeated it to me, laughing, on Monday. By Tuesday, I was in line, dollar bills clutched in hand, at a Blimpie's.

I'm serious. This particular one was known for its cheese sub, which featured melted American cheese, pickled jalapenos, lettuce-tomato-onion, doused in oil and vinegar AND a fiery green cilantro chutney.

Did I mention the layer of CRUSHED DORITOS? Gott in himmel. I couldn't dream up a sandwich this amazing.

Watching it being assembled was like art:

When I finally sat down and peeled back the paper, it was so hard to pause between bites to get a picture. But I had to, to wipe those tears of joy away.

Which were swiftly followed by the tears of sadness. That day was the Blimpie's last day of business.

Sometimes, we must be content with just a taste of heaven. Its elusiveness makes it all the more sweet.


avra romanowitz said...

holy crap! is there another blimpie's nearby? you can't get addicted to something and then have it be beyond reach!

(it kind of reminds me of ally sheedy's cap'n crunch sandwich in the breakfast club.)

Teep said...

"Sometimes, we must be content with just a taste of heaven. Its elusiveness makes it all the more sweet."

You can say that again!

ana dane said...

there are blimpies everywhere, but none that make this foot-long bomb. apparently, the store managers have a bit of leeway when it comes to menu specials, and this particular manager was a wise, wise, meat-hating man.

avra romanowitz said...

the other blimpies must learn.

(btw, your use of yiddish interjections is impeccable, i'm _shepping naches_.)

ana dane said...

you're stepping on nachos?! be careful, we need to save some for the sandwiches!