Thursday, November 13


(admittedly this was taken about 2 weeks ago, but today there is sun and it reminded me of this day...which is nice since we've had a lot of rain. so much that my dad emailed me today concerned about the flooding he had heard of back east: "is the lake level reaching your doorstep? do you need to park on higher ground?" i wrote back and assured him: "the flooding is typically around several rivers in western washington. some schools are closed. but it's not bad where i am. no rivers near there. and the lake is regulated by the locks. looks like today is going to be a drier day!" and it is!)

the blue of the sky and the crisp lines of the buildings that scrape it were striking when i stepped out for my lunch break.
funny to think that (with the exception of the blessed weekend) i spend most of my waking life on one of those floors in one of those massive buildings...

(ps--i had that post name all picked out, too. it's a good word. many words that start with v are...)

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ana dane said...

it's not surprising that we're both drawn to vibrancy.

enjoy the sun- no choice out here but to enjoy the rain.