Monday, November 17

the view from below... just fine with me. as you know from a previous post, window-washing from great heights with a little cable to "secure" me is just not my idea of a dream job.

and yet, i was totally mesmerized by this team(!) of washers.

i stood from below and snapped away while some crazy lady yelled out, "you're just taking them pictures so that if one falls you can post it on (inaudible)-dot-com!" over and over again.


ana dane said...

dude, there IS no that crazy lady clearly needs to get up to date.

actually, how is there no

Teep said...


the domain is owned by

Contal Pty Ltd
133 Goulburn Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

who I suspect have parked it for the highest bidder. I have a feeling their pitch for this site is falling on deaf ears.

*tying blindfold*
*lighting cigarette*
fire when ready