Monday, August 18

hook and houseboat

i think living on a houseboat would be fun. seattle has quite a community of them and they are as varied as the people who live in them, i assume.
something about the ps1 basement pics seemed similar in style to the quirky, tinny, pipe-y, rusty look of this water home.


ana dane said...

did i ever tell you that my mother lived on a houseboat, in hawaii?

i like to bring this fact up whenever she attempts to reprimand me for living in new york city and not having a cell phone.

talk about transient. she was practically a hula-skirted, watery hoboess; i, on the other hand, have lived in the same apartment for eight years.

Teep said...

I see what you mean about similar to the ps1 basement... in fact, if this shot were at night and the water were wet streets... I'd say it looks like a set from Blade Runner I would.

ps: science have proven:
hula skirts for mom = tulle tutu's for daughter