Sunday, August 24


the mountain was out to bid me farewell. the day was filled with clouds, sun and some rain. but visibility was good and it was all too tempting to risk my well-being as well as those of the others on i-5 today and take some pictures while driving.

there are lots of little bridges between washington and oregon. this one goes over the columbia river and welcomed me into oregon.

and then the very straight expanses of open road followed by the windier curvy hills further welcomed me.

i'm not sure low mileage on a car is something of beauty, but it's definitely not ugly.


avra romanowitz said...

ick! i don't know how to format this right. help. feel free to edit this post. i'm tired of trying to figure out how to reorder and place the images.

ana dane said...

haha, don't worry, my dear. i will attempt to fix it if mr. internet decides to cooperate. seriously, if i'm stealing your signal, the least you can do is fix your g.d. airport.

i'm thrilled you brought your computer along, though. so looking forward to seeing everything documented- and i'm sorry we didn't get a chance to speak before you left.