Monday, August 18

Inner Workings

I went to a lovely outdoors Environ records party this weekend at P.S. 1, a museum housed in an old school in Long Island City, Queens. The music was fantastic and the weather was perfect, but if you needed a break, the whole museum was open as well.

All the exhibits are in converted classrooms and spread out over four floors, so it takes some exploring to uncover everything. It's much more enticing than the standard, hangarlike museum rooms.

These were from the basement, where a welcome, dark coolness made me want to stay for a long time. But I couldn't miss out on that music, so I headed back outside after a little while.


avra romanowitz said...

for some reason, you sneaking around in the basement reminds me of the goonies.

ana dane said...

n. it was cool, and therefore decidedly un-goonielike. why did i never like that movie? was it just the fact that martha plimpton was in it?

(she was chunk, right?)