Wednesday, August 13

Kitteh Out of the Bag

I chased this girl down yesterday, after spotting the little cargo in her bag from above on some subway stairs.

If this doesn't qualify as a bit of beauty, I don't know what does.


Teep said...

major cute! btw: did you offer her some iced tea advice? *ahem*

ana dane said...

dude, i didn't even notice that it was DIET SNAPPLE until i posted the pic this morning.

is that really necessary? why not just drink real, unsweetened iced tea?

avra romanowitz said...

at least it's a cute bag. the necklace looks attractive, too. was the kitty on the subway? it looks a little startled. but i suppose i would be too...if carried around _in a bag!_

ana dane said...

the little fuzzy cootie was not only on the subway, but the LIRR- her owner took her with her for the day on a trip to her friend's parent's house, as she was too young to be home alone all that time (or so she said).

the kitteh was actually remarkably relaxed for being outside, and she allegedly fell asleep on the train, too (again, or so her owner said).