Tuesday, August 19

i see a full moon rising.

the neighbors decided to have a "full moon party." one of the signs announcing the event, taped to the bank of metal mailboxes, had images from the film, chocolat. i don't remember, but apparently there was a similarly themed happening in the movie.
it was known exactly where and when the moon would rise, and when it appeared in its place in the sky, it was no surprise. but with the white balloons tied to the dock, light blue stringed lights, floating candles, flowers, wine and a delicious array of eats, the mood and the temperature provided the perfect climate.
it makes it really easy to attend a party when it's just steps outside your door. there's really no excuse not to.


ana dane said...

can i come to the next party, please? i promise i will even bring something...italian guacamole, perhaps.

and that last shot is really stunning. brava.

avra romanowitz said...

when you come, there is no doubt there will be a party. thrown in your honor.

Teep said...

very cool! I threw a party on this night as well... had my invite image taped to the front door. the invite had the relative position of the moon in relation to my apartment and a granite clock that stands in my yard.

keep those great snaps/stories coming!