Monday, September 8


why don't they paint cars this color anymore?
taking on a road trip in one of these would certainly be interesting. i'm sure one would turn a lot of heads.
i was always advised not to buy a ford, as in the old days they tended to be a little problematic, leading to the backronym for f.o.r.d., fix or repair daily.


Teep said...


They don't use chrome either... and glass headlamps are becoming history too.

The timing of this pix is exceptional as I've been thinking about repainting my car. You see, I'm moving to a new apartment where the neighbor/friend has a penchant for hand painting his vehicles... plaids and stuff. (yes PLAID)

The other day I said to him, well, you know, as your neighbor now, we'll have to paint my car in the spring. As I'm not about to drive a plaid car or anything that screams "HI EVERYONE ITS ME!"but surely wanted something unique I was thinking a nice blueish greenish--- and low, here is a color screeching up the short list.

I must find that paint color code!

PS: I digress but - isn't that what blogs are for?

Teep said...

got it... (aka my best guess)
caribbean turquoise

avra romanowitz said...

that is quite the coincidence indeed. now i am just curious as to the make and model of your roadster...and if you have a hood ornament.

Teep said...

it's a subie - wrx wagon... the only thing ornamenting the hood is a scoop.

was wondering myself the make/model of the speedo shown here some weeks back...

thanks for your interest. keep those 'roadster' snaps coming... I do believe they are a 'bit of beauty'

ana dane said...

my favorite: Fiat, or Fix It Again, Tony.

xian said...

don't forget