Monday, September 15

Vegetables of My Labor

It may seem a small accomplishment, but I've never successfully grown something significant before. Plenty of houseplants, herbs from seeds, even some flowers- but never something big enough to make a meal out of.

That's all changed now. This succulent little watermelon (it should probably be about 10 pounds heavier, but when your farming method entails kicking some free seeds you got for Earth Day into completely untended dirt in your parents' backyard, you really can't complain) and sugar baby pumpkin were grown BY ME.

I'm ridiculously proud of them.

I know there was probably a bit of tending going on, thanks to my parents, but I haven't seen anything so beautiful as that watermelon, when I first cut into it, in a long time.

And it tastes even better than it looks.


Bonbon Oiseau said...

wow!! congratulations on your beautiful baby fruits!

Teep said...

SWEET! good planting method btw.