Monday, September 29

for the love of the game.

i'm always impressed by groups of people coming together en masse to do something, hear something, make something or watch something. on sunday i was one of many in a sea of jets fans cheering them on. the throngs of delighted spectators thinking of nothing else but the game being played before them is what i love about sports. they can distract and excite and entertain.
they can also inspire.
while it is one of the most troublesome aspects of an admittedly violent game, and while this occurred immediately after the most worrisome part of this game, it was inspiring and beautiful. after a wide receiver was hit in a helmet-to-helmet collision and surrounded by medics and teammates, his entire body unmoving, the stadium fell silent and the players of both teams came together and began to pray.


Teep said...

wow - mets & jets in one weekend... and two wins! nicely done!

ana dane said...

and a head injury to boot!