Thursday, October 9

Cape May Days

I grew up by the beach, and one fairly geographically close to Cape May, N.J., which is where I spent the last few days.

But Cape May's shoreline is very distinct and new to me. It was such a pleasure to uncover, especially in the warm October light. The ocean is everywhere down there; I couldn't stop seeing, listening, smelling it even if I wanted to.

Most spots were blissfully empty- the only crowds of the trip were found on the raptor observation platform near the lighthouse and on the 7:30 a.m. bird walk at Higbee Beach, both guided by knowledgeable volunteers from the Cape May Bird Observatory. And it was the good kind of crowd, one that sighed with a collective, unabashed delight when a bald eagle suddenly appeared cruising above us.

I realize the absence of avian photos is conspicuous, but I was too busy adjusting my binoculars and trying to will the circulation back into my fingers to pull the camera out- I saved it for walks on the beach and around town.


avra romanowitz said...

i was just about to ask how the trip i have my answer. if these skies are any indication, you had perfect weather! going back to work immediately after must have been quite the challenge.

Teep said...

a! mazing! sky snap w/people on the coastline especially so. will have to make a point to walk those white sands some day!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

beautiful shots ana!