Wednesday, October 15

to market, to market.

my coauthor is a gifted cook (and baker!). a major contribution to her seemingly innate talent is her knowledge of and admiration for raw materials. fresh ingredients and her selection thereof are a major part of the process. she certainly knows her way around a farmers market. (more on her ability to construct a perfect menu coming soon.)

a couple of weeks ago, i found myself at the ballard sunday market. i couldn't help but admire the produce, the people, the colors and the weather. it inspired me and made me want to invest in some cookbooks and get down to creating some fall delicacies.

i haven't started just yet, but some yams right from the oven the other night, with just a little butter, salt and pepper...and maybe a generous heap of fresh parmesan, were a good start!

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ana dane said...

very nice of you to say...there's just so much good food out there, so why not take advantage of it?

are those little lemon cucumbers i see? i hope you got some of them!