Monday, October 6

more sketchy goodness.

i couldn't help myself but add a few more images of babar, whom i have loved since before i can remember. he's so hard to resist, no?
this one greeted us as we entered the exhibit. baby babar in happier times, with his mama, before her untimely murder.
in very simple terms, the descriptive placards below the drawings and watercolors explained de brunhoff's technique, in this case, how just the slightest sharper or straighter line--as in the eyebrows of the scolding parents of arthur and celeste--can convey expression so effectively.
depicting the other animals of the forest celebrating at the wedding of babar and celeste, this was my favorite sketch...specifically because of the happy dancing hippo.

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ana dane said...

i already want to go back- it really was such an amazing little exhibit.