Friday, October 31

Halloween Colors

I saw a bunch of good costumes on people (and dogs) this morning, too, but I find plants to be much better photographic subjects.

Take a walk with me through the Union Square farmer's market. It was dazzling.

The scary Ghost Cabbage I should have bought, but was afraid of carrying all the way back to Brooklyn (it looked like it clocked in at about 12 pounds):

And the scariest thing of all? A tormented soul, rendered in icing.


avra romanowitz said...

poor gingergirl. why the long face?

your halloween post is unsurpassable. therefore, i think i will be on the lookout this eve for the most impressive of costumes, and perhaps some humans will grace my next entry...

a happy and spoooooooky halloween to you, your ghosties and goblins!

ana dane said...

yes, you take a human picture for us.

seriously, around here, i'm much more likely to get screamed at for doing so. it seems a bit more mellow out there.

Teep said...

just 2 comments today...

yes, humans! I like them.

maybe strange to say but the pix of bittersweet makes my heart "hurted"

ok, one more comment, +1 for shadows!

avra romanowitz said...

a happy and a spooky halloween, teep! bit of beauty's number-one and most observant fan!