Thursday, October 30

Flight Lessons

It's fascinating to see birds in such a public setting, as I have been in the park the past few weeks. They're all migrating, and hungry, and I suppose they see all the pigeons and sparrows sitting right next to giant, crumb-dropping humans so they figure it's fine to do the same.

It certainly makes for effortless bird watching. This one is a white-throated sparrow (note the chic racing stripes on his little kep).

I took close to 200 pictures of this little other beak below, willing it to come closer and stay still whenever I had my camera in hand (which of course it didn't). It's hard to make out, but it has a darling matte-black mask over its eyes, and a stomach of almost florescent yellow.

It's a common yellowthroat, but it looks anything but common to me.

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avra romanowitz said...

we both had beaks on the brain today!