Thursday, October 30


one day i was waiting for the bus in front of what looked like an urban pumpkin patch, complete with authentic-looking bales of hay and silly scarecrow. soon, a dark-colored bird appeared. it would have been perfect if it had been a crow or a raven, but this is a city, so a pigeon would have to do. (my coauthor is an equal avian opportunist, so i'm sure she won't mind.)

a short while later, the first beak's friend appeared...

seems as though there was good eats for les pigeons amid the hay and between the orange gourds.

...until it was time to go!

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ana dane said...

i love pigeons! i fed mine out back three totally burnt (but still delicious and hot) lemony japanese donuts i made this morning, and i was so happy to see them devour their halloween treat.

these ones seem to be having a good time, too. they look so good in orange.