Thursday, July 17

More Beaks

This is a response to your similar nautical-avian image from last week.

While walking along the north side of the reservoir in Central Park, I spotted these three cormorants perched on the edge of a roof (look closely). They seemed so relaxed and in their element, even surrounded by steel, concrete and brick buildings as far as you could see.

How's that for some anthropomorphizing?


avra romanowitz said...

for the three years that i worked on the upper east, i used to take lunch breaks, or just breaks, walking that loop. it's a good one.

and it's obvious that the beaks appreciate a nice view, too.

ana dane said...

the first time i walked the res was with you- i came to visit you for lunch one day when you worked up there, and you showed me the delights not even a block away. it was a lovely day.