Wednesday, July 30

Monkey Man

This should look very familiar.

He and his acrobatic, mischievous brothers arrived in a surprise package sent many summers ago (along with some novelty erasers, I believe, and a pack of Marlboro Reds).

Sadly, all the contents have been lost over the years, but I've managed to keep track of this little orange scamp. He hangs out in my kitchen, but occasionally is well behaved enough to get an invitation to the dining room table, as he did the other morning.


avra romanowitz said...

he's looking well. he's a true survivor.

that was a good package.

avra romanowitz said...

actually, i think i just had a flashback...i believe there were teeny tiny tools as well. baby hammer. baby wrench. baby screwdriver. does that sound right? they're cute because they're little.

ana dane said...

you're right, there WERE teeny tiny tools in there! how could i forget?

those cute things were probably the first to get lost, though.

and didn't you get everything (including the cigarettes) at a mysterious toy store in rochester that i never got to see?

avra romanowitz said...

i believe that store was on monroe avenue. if memory serves, and i'm not sure it does, it was called "funny farm" or something like that. it was a pretty amazing place. but there's an even more incredible toy store i can show you here in seattle. it's called archie mcphee's. they have those teeny pigs (and lots more) there.