Thursday, July 24


unless they're really good, street performers can sometimes provide an uninvited soundtrack. but this was far from that. it was melodic and curious and attracted me immediately. i heard it from about a block away and it was so pleasant and sweet but also rhythmic and smooth. as i got closer to discover where it was coming from, i realized part of why i enjoyed it so much was because it didn't clash with the city sounds, instead it blended.

this proud cuban played his wooden xylophone with fluidity and grace. he also used various chimes and bells every now and again to add to his music, but not too much. and then there was his soft voice. it didn't sound like words, and may have been a string of la, la, las, but it was perfect.
i've never seen or heard this busker before, but unlike the bucket drummer or electric guitarist whose instrument has one string, i look forward to hearing his mellifluous notes again.

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ana dane said...

i want his jingle bell bracelet. i think i had one of those, as a christmas gift, years and years ago.

but either my parents or one of my sisters quickly decided to hide it because i could not stop shaking it. i miss my little jingle bracelet.