Saturday, July 5

the jib is up.

i was sitting in an adirondack chair (plastic) on my dock, when this little vessel sailed by. i literally ran up to my apartment to grab my camera so i could capture it. there was a nice amount of wind earlier today, and i wish i could have willed it to come by and sweep me up for a little journey.


ana dane said...

do you think if we went sailing we would capsize?

isn't that the whole point, actually?

avra romanowitz said...

i think we would have skill, grace and unparalleled expertise, therefore, only capsizing if it was what we intended.

"i meant to do that."

Teep said...

my friend Leland and I used to capsize his Laser on purpose. we'd actually turtle it, wet the hull down and slide down it. then we'd capsize (bring the mast back level to the surface) and tie a preserver to the top of the mast and bottom of the boom... the sail then becomes like a wading pool... which we would splash around in. we'd do this and wave to the tourist boats passing bye... until the harbor master (a 6 foot 250 pound guy named Shorty) would come and curse us out, tell us "people are reporting boaters in distress" and demand we right the boat. I think the only boater in distress was Shorty himself.

ps: fun blog - look forward to seeing/reading more

ana dane said...

i love that story.