Friday, July 4

Lady Libs, Who Else?

This is from a recent- and first-ever- trip to Lady Libs. I was surprised at how taken aback I was at the whole experience. Even just the island itself is such a gorgeous place to spend the day- so quiet, and despite all the tourists, not all that crowded (or maybe just not compared to Manhattan).

Not bad for $12.

I can't wait to go back.


avra romanowitz said...

who else is right. i think i'm going to let this one stand alone today. and just say, and i mean this in no way to detract from the gorgeous and meaningful composition of the shot, but that is one fine-looking armpit.

i'll also say, i cannot believe you have lived in new york almost 10 years, and on the east coast your whole life, and this was your first trip to liberty island. wow. i'm glad it was a good one.

the staten island ferry does a nice (and free) drive-by, too.

ana dane said...

i'd done the SI boat-by, but this was so, so much better.

and it's not for lack of desire- i've been wanting to go ever since i moved here in 2000.

wow, i am old.