Thursday, July 10


sometimes i miss working in the flower shop. there were times when at the end of the day i'd be told i could take anything i wanted from the unsellable flowers. there was nothing wrong with them, they just couldn't be sold because they wouldn't last more than a few days. but i had a constant supply, so a few days was all i needed. and i think if i, or my coworkers, didn't take them, then they would have been thrown away.

there are so many different varieties of rose. this one, brandy, with its gradient color is perhaps my favorite. and there is a rose bush full of them just steps outside of my apartment.


ana dane said...

i was never a rose fan until very recently, when i realized peach roses are GORGEOUS.

i wish this was outside my apartment instead of an athletic sock bursting with feces (i wish i was kidding).

avra romanowitz said...

i, too, wish that was a joke. although i would then have to question your sense of humor.

that is not very nice to come home to. (also in no way a bit of beauty, but a bit of doody.)