Wednesday, July 23

what's that doing there?

on my way to work the other morning, this struck me. maybe because there is obviously some kind of story behind it. it might be something very uncomplicated, or perhaps not. while i'll never know what that story is, seemingly misplaced objects in unexpected places have a tendency to impart a narrative to me--not the actual narrative itself but that there is one, that is, simply that one exists.
i'll have to go by that block again and check to see if that kickball is still wedged between those powerlines.


ana dane said...

misplaced objects are some of the best gifts you can find on otherwise ordinary days.

and in my book, the best place for a kickball is you never have to actually play the game. it's one of my least favorite sports (a long list, i know).

avra romanowitz said...

i have an old picture of a pale pink ballerina slipper sitting in the grass at the base of a sign for a dentist's office. i took the picture on a day i visited you when you were living in hawthorne. i'll have to try and dig it up.

ana dane said...

oh, please do! scan it, and put it up, too. it would fit with the green and pink theme so well.